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Buena Noticia desde Lifestraws.

A casi 20 días de la reunión mantenida en Washington con el presidente de ventas de Sudamérica y luego en NY con el presidente de marketing, nos avisaron que van a apoyar nuestro proyecto con varios filtros y algo de dinero, estamos muy contentos y queremos compartir este mail que nos ha hecho muy felices recibir, porque desde aquí en mas vamos a poder dar algunas soluciones además de hacer visible estas historias de gente que la esta sufriendo.

"Sebastian & Matias Hardy

Moto Destino - Proyecto Agua Dulce

Dear Sebastian & Matias:

It was a pleasure to meet both of you in our offices in New York recently and to learn more about the important and exciting mission you have undertaken to highlight the global problem of accessing clean and safe drinking water.

Your mission and ours are very similar. We are also seeking to raise global awareness about this problem and let governments, the news media, nonprofit organizations and the faith-based communities know about the role our LifeStraw® water purifiers can play in reducing the transmission of waterborne diseases.

I do believe our organizations would benefit from collaboration, and I propose the following:

VF can support your project with a $ xxxx US dollar cash donation, plus provide both of you with a supply of LifeStraw® water filters for your own personal use and to donate along your trip. Since your space is very limited on the motorcycles, I suggest we re-supply you as you visit countries in which we have offices such as South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Switzerland, Thailand and Vietnam. If you return to the US we can also supply you with products here. We can also supply you with t-shirts and baseball caps to wear and donate along your trip, and perhaps some LifeStraw® stickers to place on your vehicles.

In return, we would like to ask that as you meet with the news media along your trip that you mention both the VF sponsorship we are providing and show off the LifeStraw® products. If you can wear your LifeStraw® t-shirts or baseball caps it would be helpful to insure that we get the visual branding in any photos or videos that are taken along your trip.

I hope this proposal is acceptable to you. If so, please let me know. We can then work out the details of sending you the cash donation by check or wire transfer (50% immediately and 50% in a couple months). We can also ship you some LifeStraw® water filters now along with some t-shirts, caps and stickers. I just need a shipping address where you can access the package along your route.

Thanks again for considering a partnership with us, I admire your dedication to the cause of clean water and the adventure you are about to undertake.

Very Best Regards,

Peter Cleary

Communications and Public Relations Director

Vestergaard Frandsen New York"


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